Covid-19 Information

As we address the many concerns involved with the CoronaVirus pandemic, including
how to approach re-engaging as a community,this page will serve as our information
center for all information as it develops.
For any questions, please contact us at

Beginning  Sunday, September 13th

KCC is moving Sunday morning services to an outdoor-based method to allow for greater size and participation in gatherings.

Outdoor services will take place each Sunday at 10:00 AM on the grass field east of the church - right next to the entrance corridor.
Church service attendees are invited to bring their blankets and chairs to use for comfortable seating in the grass lawn in attendance of
the service. KCC will have a select number of chairs available for those with difficulty using these other methods of seating.

What to Expect
KCC Staff and leaders have been working on a plan for outdoor services for several weeks now.
Volunteers have worked to put together staging and equipment for the use of music and sermons outdoors.
Warm beverages and snacks will now be available as well.
In general, expect a normal church service - only outdoors!

And for the Kids?
KCC will have a "Family Fun Area" available for kids to receive a snack and grab some take-home activities.
The area will be open before, during, and after the service, and will be close enough to the normal staging area for all to
continue to hear the sermon and music. We will also have a hayride available for kids before the service - so come early!
We ask that parents accompany their kids on the hayride and when venturing to the "Family Fun Area" -
this will not be a place where children will receive supervision from KCC volunteers.

And What About the Weather?
KCC will make a weekly determination on whether or not weather is conducive for outdoor events to proceed as planned
by 8:00 AM each Sunday or prior to that during the week. A final call will be made on Sunday mornings and subsequent
app push notifications and Facebook posts will be sent to KCC attendees.

Virtual Facebook Stream of 10:00 AM service:
Our 10:00 AM service will be offered virtually via Facebook Live as an option for those still interested in remaining at-home.
The Facebook Live stream can be found a few minutes before 10 AM at

As a reminder, if you plan to attend a regular week in-person service, you are required to "reserve your spot".

Please continue social distancing during all indoor/outdoor services